Is Your ECM (Engine Control Module) Your Problem?

September 11, 2018

Is Your ECM (Engine Control Module) Your Problem?

You know the feeling. Your car suddenly stops. Not only is it inconvenient but you’ve exhausted all the possibilities that you know of. You are at a dead end. You may want to consider that it could be your ECM (engine control module).

Your engine control module, or ECM, is your engine’s computer. Consequently, it is one of the most important components of your car. And although the ECM is typically pretty tough, there are those times when things break down.

The frustrating part about an ECM failure is that is may not trigger any alert. This often makes troubleshooting particularly difficult and can often lead to a misdiagnosis.

Symptoms of a Malfunctioning ECM

  • Your check engine light stays illuminated - this can be due to many reasons but a malfunctioning ECM may be one of them.
  • Your car is performing poorly
  • You see a drop in your fuel efficiency

If you are seeing any of these symptoms, it could be a malfunctioning ECM. If this is the ultimate diagnosis, you will need to consider whether to repair or replace your existing ECM.

Repair or Replace?

When dealing with a malfunctioning ECM, the easiest thing to do is replace it. Repairing your ECM requires tools and knowledge that your average mechanic simply does not have.

When it comes right down to it, repairing your car’s computer is probably quite a departure from what your auto mechanic is prepared to do. Repairing your car’s ECM will require dissembling the entire unit and performing very intricate computer work. Think in terms of repairing your computer’s motherboard. Your mechanic probably won’t touch it. But even if he would, simply replacing the ECM reduces stress and gets your car back on the road quicker.

Good News - Bad News

If you suspect your problem is your ECM, you first should eliminate any other potential problems first. The bad news is that the ECM can be a fairly expensive component to replace. The good news is that it can be fairly easy to replace yourself. Get the correct ECM for your make and model car and get expert advice from a professional.

Consider a Rebuilt ECM

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